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JUSTA's Comida Vida Nutrition Program has the mission to inspire the re-connection with traditional practices and local foods as well as educate women, children, and families in all aspects of health and nutrition. A key component of health education begins with the seed. JUSTA includes permaculture principles in educational workshops as well as on the ground projects in communities.

JUSTA has worked closely with our partners at Project Nuevo Mundo to implement permaculture projects in communities around Lake Atitlan. These projects are ongoing:

Chacaya Middle School:

JUSTA is working with School Yoga Institute's Mystical Yoga Farm to create several permaculture projects at this small, rural school. JUSTA, along with IMAP, has already built a small permaculture garden in the small dirt space between the classrooms and soccer court of the school. The garden is built with reused tires and filled with local medicinal herbal and superfood plants. In this way, students learn about these herbs in class, and then can experience them growing outside!


Kem Ajachel Garden:

Kem Ajachel is a fair trade cooperative of over 70 local tailors and indigenous artisans who create Global Just Designs' styles. JUSTA asked Flora, the leader of the cooperative, what her dreams were in growing her artisan project. Flora wanted to teach the women of her community about natural dying and the local plants which can be used in their textiles. So, JUSTA teamed up with PNM to build a garden in their backyard that demonstrates permaculture principles as well as a variety of local medicinal herbs and plants that create natural plant dyes! The space is also economically self-sustaining with public tours and natural dying workshops that subsidize local artisans to experience the same educational opportunities!

The garden features:

a complete rainwater catchment system with soaker hoses for watering the entire garden

a banana plant circle to provide nitrogen and water to the soil as well as surround our compost area

two custom built rocket stoves made of adobe and natural materials

repurposed bamboo for fencing around garden beds

organic natural compost fertilizers and soils

natural dye plants as

medicinal herbs such as

local super foods such as chaya greens, chia seed, and amaranth



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