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Following JUSTA´s goal to create a sustainable sales network that provides a livelihood for producers, JUSTA is excited to grow our network of retail businesses carrying our unique, handmade products.

We understand that more sales in stores mean more orders and income for producers. Therefore, if a JUSTA product does not sell within six months, we will replace it with an item that may sell better in your store. This is a free service, we only ask you pay for shipping.

Wholesale Information

We offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders! We ask a first-time order minimum of $250. Any reorders have no minimum. We offer invoices and payment via PayPal. Orders are usually shipped within 3-5 business days from our warehouse in Virginia. We are happy to exchange any item that may be damaged with shipping paid by JUSTA. Following our Green business principles, we often reuse shipping materials. If you receive a reused package, please keep in mind that we stand by a recycling idea that a reused box is an unused tree. We hope you agree that being environmentally responsible is more important than packaging that looks perfect from outside. It's what is inside that counts!

To request a FREE PDF wholesale catalog, please contact us by emailing info [at] JustaCollective.org, by calling (202) 45-JUSTA or by completing the secure form below.

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